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Bicycling in Nanning (the bicycle ride pt.1)

Bicycling in Nannning

This is a reprint(?) of a post I wrote shortly after moving to Nanning. It is a cross between a fantastical look and my real experiences while bicycling in Nanning. Bicycling I am sure can be a challenge in any major city but bicycling in Nanning and probably all of China offers a special challenge given the number of people commuting by bicycles, and scooters. It was warm out in spite of everything being wet from the earlier rain. It …read the rest of Bicycling in Nanning (the bicycle ride pt.1)

Yearof the Rabbit

Chinese New Year

Finally, the New Year is here, done and we are officially in the Year of the Rabbit. So 恭贺新禧 (pronounced gōng hè xīn xǐ) which is just another way of saying Happy New Year. I was a bit surprised yesterday morning with the old and familiar sound of a few hundred firecrackers going off at once. Silly me thinking like a foreigner, 老外 (lǎo wài), I mean after all the New Year was two weeks ago and things had pretty …read the rest of Yearof the Rabbit

Ernie’s High

OK, I guess I should begin by explaining the, who’s, where’s what’s, and whys behind this blog. The whos are pretty easy. I am a 54-year old ex-construction worker from America that can best be described as long-haired, redneck, country boy. Who with many others found myself out of work after the big, uhmm shall we call it, financial mishap in October 2008. While unemployed, a friend (who found himself in a similar position) suggested I go back to school. …read the rest of Ernie’s High